Aka – Indigenous tribe of Congo

I joined a local group here in Brazzaville called Brazza Accueil, which arranges activities for expats and has an excellent email alert system for upcoming events and things like restaurant specials. Last week, the group was invited to the Russian Cultural Center for a special presentation by the Aka tribe, which is an indigenous tribe […]

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Exploring Brazzaville, continued

We have experienced some fantastic lightning storms in the past week or so. Still not a ton of rain–nothing like the fall rainy season–but some very impressive lightning. It seems as though a giant storm either hits us or nearly misses us every day. The near misses are nice: the temperature falls, the breezes pick […]

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Exploring Brazzaville

The month of March has flown by very quickly for me. I’ve spent what seems like an inordinate amount of time planning upcoming travel, booking flights, and searching for Airbnbs. Lily and I are going to Myanmar in April, Ben is going to Rwanda in April, all three of us are are going to Pointe […]

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Cape Town

Lily’s school follows the French educational schedule, which means she has 7 weeks of classes, followed by a two week break, and over and over again from September until the end of June. It’s nice in many ways: it gives Lily a bit of a break (learning a second language all day can be tough […]

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The direct flights out of Brazzaville go to various places in Central and West Africa, Addis, Nairobi, and Paris. On our way to Michigan and Connecticut for the holidays, we stopped in Paris for a few days. I think I ate my weight in delicious food. My dear friend Jiyoung met us from London, and […]

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After a brief night in Casablanca, three of us rented a car and drove to Fes. We stopped in Skhirat, a small fishing town on the Atlantic, for lunch along the way. We ordered giant plates of seafood (fried fish plate and paella….so good). After peeling ourselves from the chairs, we continued on our way […]

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We spent just 2 days in Marrakech. I think you can spend a whole week here. We stayed at a riad in the old city (riad just means house with a courtyard), the Riad Karmela. We spent most of our time discovering the old part of the city, and doing a ton of walking. So […]

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