New Arrivals to Brazzaville

It’s so nice to be back in Brazzaville! The weather isn’t very hot yet, and it just started raining. This first rainy season is quite nice–the rains are heavy at times, but the violent thunderstorms don’t arrive until the early spring.  Interestingly, last summer I was told that the river was at a 100-year low […]

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Brazza Burger

Brazzaville welcomed a new restaurant in April: Brazza Burger! It’s the primary topic of conversation among expats. It’s an affordable, clean, uniquely decorated burger joint with good burgers, great fries, milkshakes, chicken fingers, sodas, and ever beer. The best part: every order is delivered to your table within 10 minutes, something previously inconceivable for Brazzaville! […]

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One of my favorite restaurants in Brazzaville in D&D, run by incredibly friendly Belgians, located in centre ville. I think it’s relatively new–it’s been open as long as we’ve been here, but maybe not much more than a year. It’s very chic, with trendy decor. The food is mostly small plates, with a rotating menu […]

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Brazzaville -> Casablanca

When I was invited to go on a girls’ trip to Morocco with some other expats living in Brazzaville, I accepted immediately! There is a direct flight (with a quick stop in Pointe Noire) to Casablanca on Royal Air Maroc. I ended up going for a full week, thank you Ben and Lily for your […]

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Amballo Food (aka Burger Truck)

A couple blocks from our house, there is a food truck called Amballo Food. It opens for dinner only. The truck isn’t actually mobile; it’s always in the same place. There are tables, chairs, and a tent for casual dining. The burgers are delicious. They also serve fries, pizza, and ice cold beer. The burgers […]

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City Snack

Ben and I were able to meet for lunch today, which doesn’t happen very often! It rained a lot yesterday, but today was lovely. It was much cooler, about 80 degrees, low humidity, light breeze, sunny, with big puffy clouds. We tried to go to a noodle place that Ben went to without me awhile […]

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Maman Ro

There is a restaurant in the Bacongo neighborhood of Brazzaville called Maman Ro. It is literally a woman’s house. She sets up tables in her garden, makes food in her kitchen, and serves a set menu to everyone. She is a warm and friendly person, and, as corny as this might sound,  she gave me […]

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Settling in

Shortly after moving in to our permanent house, we received work that our household effects (HHE) shipment had arrived in country, and would be delivered soon!  After the shipment cleared customs, a moving company came to the house (with a 45-minute head’s up) to drop off all of the boxes. It didn’t seem like we […]

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