Swimming in Kintele

If you drive north out of Brazzaville on the N2, through Mpila, the first town you reach is Kintele. It’s about a 30 minute drive on a nice highway from downtown Brazzaville. Kintele is the site of the large soccer stadium and sports complex built for the 2015 All Africa Games. There is an aquatic […]

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A Visit to Yangon

I am very lucky to have been raised overseas by my parents. Both my sister and I have followed in their footsteps, raising our own families overseas. My sister has lived in South Africa, Ethiopia, and now she’s in Yangon, Myanmar (what the US government still calls Burma), with her two kids and husband. We […]

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The direct flights out of Brazzaville go to various places in Central and West Africa, Addis, Nairobi, and Paris. On our way to Michigan and Connecticut for the holidays, we stopped in Paris for a few days. I think I ate my weight in delicious food. My dear friend Jiyoung met us from London, and […]

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Settling in

Shortly after moving in to our permanent house, we received work that our household effects (HHE) shipment had arrived in country, and would be delivered soon! ¬†After the shipment cleared customs, a moving company came to the house (with a 45-minute head’s up) to drop off all of the boxes. It didn’t seem like we […]

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Lily is a big fan of playgrounds. She doesn’t like the swings much, but she loves slides. We haven’t yet found a public playground here, and I doubt we will. There are, however, several private playgrounds here. There is a playground at her school, one at a US Embassy-owned property, one at the Brazzaville Tennis […]

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