Swimming in Kintele

If you drive north out of Brazzaville on the N2, through Mpila, the first town you reach is Kintele. It’s about a 30 minute drive on a nice highway from downtown Brazzaville. Kintele is the site of the large soccer stadium and sports complex built for the 2015 All Africa Games. There is an aquatic […]

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A note on Ebola

The recent Ebola outbreak in DRC has made the international news, and you know how the media loves to dramatize things. Yes, it’s serious. No, it probably won’t impact you in America or Europe. If fact, it probably won’t even impact me, here in Brazzaville. According to Google Maps, you could drive from here to […]

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Aka – Indigenous tribe of Congo

I joined a local group here in Brazzaville called Brazza Accueil, which arranges activities for expats and has an excellent email alert system for upcoming events and things like restaurant specials. Last week, the group was invited to the Russian Cultural Center for a special presentation by the Aka tribe, which is an indigenous tribe […]

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Exploring Brazzaville, continued

We have experienced some fantastic lightning storms in the past week or so. Still not a ton of rain–nothing like the fall rainy season–but some very impressive lightning. It seems as though a giant storm either hits us or nearly misses us every day. The near misses are nice: the temperature falls, the breezes pick […]

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One of my favorite restaurants in Brazzaville in D&D, run by incredibly friendly Belgians, located in centre ville. I think it’s relatively new–it’s been open as long as we’ve been here, but maybe not much more than a year. It’s very chic, with trendy decor. The food is mostly small plates, with a rotating menu […]

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Exploring Brazzaville

The month of March has flown by very quickly for me. I’ve spent what seems like an inordinate amount of time planning upcoming travel, booking flights, and searching for Airbnbs. Lily and I are going to Myanmar in April, Ben is going to Rwanda in April, all three of us are are going to Pointe […]

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Unique Produce

Here’s another food-related post! Enjoy! It’s the end of the long rainy season, and produce is plentiful! There are pineapples, red mangos, green peppers, spinach (it’s not the same as spinach in America…but close enough!), mangosteens, lychees, bananas galore, passionfruit, and safou. Safou is a new one for me. Before I get to safou, a […]

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Cooking in Brazzaville

We spent a month in the U.S. (and France) as a family, and then I stayed in the U.S. for two weeks longer because my mother, who was already very sick, was in dire health. It was good I stayed instead of coming back to Congo and then going back to Michigan; she passed away […]

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Tennis Club Brazzaville

We joined the tennis club a couple months ago. It’s very French: clay courts, no other American members, everyone speaks French, etc etc. We love it! They have a beautiful pool and baby pool. There is an enormous playground, probably the nicest and biggest one in Brazzaville (with the exception of Fantasia, I suppose). They […]

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Sand Bar

Our awesome CLO and Kinshasa’s awesome CLO(s) organized a sand bar trip this weekend. They brought tables, chairs, tent, grill, food, and beach games, the Marines brought drinks for sale, and we met up in the middle of the Congo River on a sand bar island. The water is shallow and relatively safe enough for […]

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