A note on Ebola

The recent Ebola outbreak in DRC has made the international news, and you know how the media loves to dramatize things. Yes, it’s serious. No, it probably won’t impact you in America or Europe. If fact, it probably won’t even impact me, here in Brazzaville. According to Google Maps, you could drive from here to […]

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Betou: The End of The Earth

Guest post by B   As part of my official duties, I had the opportunity to visit rural northern Congo in the Likoula Department that borders Cameroon and the Central African Republic (CAR). This was my first trip to northern Congo.  I visited the neighboring area in Cameroon a few years ago which was incredibly […]

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Cape Cod

The last time I was in Cape Cod, I was maybe in 8th grade, and we were visiting family friends. These family friends were special–she was my 2nd grade teacher in Cairo, Egypt, and her husband was one of the funniest people I’d ever met. They lived in St. Denis, MA, and I don’t remember […]

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New Arrivals to Brazzaville

It’s so nice to be back in Brazzaville! The weather isn’t very hot yet, and it just started raining. This first rainy season is quite nice–the rains are heavy at times, but the violent thunderstorms don’t arrive until the early spring.  Interestingly, last summer I was told that the river was at a 100-year low […]

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Zion National Park

I took a solo vacation in August to Utah (by way of LA and Las Vegas to see friends!). I hiked in Zion and stayed at the Red Mountain Resort. I had a great time! As much as I love usual two hiking buddies, it was really nice to get away, and relax, and just […]

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We spent most of June in Denmark. It was a blast! We flew in and out of Copenhagen, and traveled to Aarhus, Ærø island, Billund (for Legoland), and Hornbæk. We rented a car, and took ferries where we could. We had Lily and our friend’s 5-year old daughter with us. Denmark is exceptionally kid-friendly. The […]

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