Tennis Club Brazzaville

We joined the tennis club a couple months ago. It’s very French: clay courts, no other American members, everyone speaks French, etc etc. We love it! They have a beautiful pool and baby pool. There is an enormous playground, probably the nicest and biggest one in Brazzaville (with the exception of Fantasia, I suppose). They […]

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Sand Bar

Our awesome CLO and Kinshasa’s awesome CLO(s) organized a sand bar trip this weekend. They brought tables, chairs, tent, grill, food, and beach games, the Marines brought drinks for sale, and we met up in the middle of the Congo River on a sand bar island. The water is shallow and relatively safe enough for […]

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Pointe Noire

Guest post by Ben Quick trip to Pointe Noire I had the chance to take a quick work trip to the economic capital of the Republic of Congo (ROC), Pointe Noire. The trip itself was interesting as it was my first time traveling on a commercial Congolese airline. My trip on TransAir Congo was warm, […]

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Sundowners at Les Rapides

Video of daredevils swimming in the rapids I have already posted about Les Rapides, the little bar/restaurant next to the big rapids by the Djoué bridge, but here is another little post. Since the rainy season has started, the river is a good ten feet higher, and the rapids are more intense. Check out the […]

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Amballo Food (aka Burger Truck)

A couple blocks from our house, there is a food truck called Amballo Food. It opens for dinner only. The truck isn’t actually mobile; it’s always in the same place. There are tables, chairs, and a tent for casual dining. The burgers are delicious. They also serve fries, pizza, and ice cold beer. The burgers […]

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City Snack

Ben and I were able to meet for lunch today, which doesn’t happen very often! It rained a lot yesterday, but today was lovely. It was much cooler, about 80 degrees, low humidity, light breeze, sunny, with big puffy clouds. We tried to go to a noodle place that Ben went to without me awhile […]

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Pain du Sucre

I was recently asked what the best thing about Brazzaville is, like what is a good “selling point” for people considering moving here. I had to actually think for a minute. Living here isn’t easy; the rainy season is destroying the already crappy roads, food is expensive, it can be hot, there are scary bugs […]

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