Cape Town

Lily’s school follows the French educational schedule, which means she has 7 weeks of classes, followed by a two week break, and over and over again from September until the end of June. It’s nice in many ways: it gives Lily a bit of a break (learning a second language all day can be tough […]

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Judith’s Art Studio

I joined a group of expats here in Brazzaville, and they organized a trip for the group to see an art studio run by the artist Judith, as well as a visit of a river-side picnic site called Cataractes. Judith’s art studio is located near the Djoue bridge, which goes over the Djoue river, which […]

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Unique Produce

Here’s another food-related post! Enjoy! It’s the end of the long rainy season, and produce is plentiful! There are pineapples, red mangos, green peppers, spinach (it’s not the same as spinach in America…but close enough!), mangosteens, lychees, bananas galore, passionfruit, and safou. Safou is a new one for me. Before I get to safou, a […]

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Cooking in Brazzaville

We spent a month in the U.S. (and France) as a family, and then I stayed in the U.S. for two weeks longer because my mother, who was already very sick, was in dire health. It was good I stayed instead of coming back to Congo and then going back to Michigan; she passed away […]

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The direct flights out of Brazzaville go to various places in Central and West Africa, Addis, Nairobi, and Paris. On our way to Michigan and Connecticut for the holidays, we stopped in Paris for a few days. I think I ate my weight in delicious food. My dear friend Jiyoung met us from London, and […]

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After a brief night in Casablanca, three of us rented a car and drove to Fes. We stopped in Skhirat, a small fishing town on the Atlantic, for lunch along the way. We ordered giant plates of seafood (fried fish plate and paella….so good). After peeling ourselves from the chairs, we continued on our way […]

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We spent just 2 days in Marrakech. I think you can spend a whole week here. We stayed at a riad in the old city (riad just means house with a courtyard), the Riad Karmela. We spent most of our time discovering the old part of the city, and doing a ton of walking. So […]

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