Lily is a big fan of playgrounds. She doesn’t like the swings much, but she loves slides. We haven’t yet found a public playground here, and I doubt we will. There are, however, several private playgrounds here. There is a playground at her school, one at a US Embassy-owned property, one at the Brazzaville Tennis […]

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When it comes to exploring the city, I’m very lucky that there are taxis everywhere, and that the price is always the same – 1,000 CFA (about $1.50). Taxi drivers are fairly knowledgable about the city, and I haven’t gotten lost yet (knock on wood), and my lack of French hasn’t been a huge issue. […]

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We made it! We arrived in Brazzaville almost three weeks ago. The day after we arrived, a Chinese fishing trawler off the coast somehow managed to sever the undersea fiber optic cable, which cut the internet out across the entire country. After a couple of days of severe internet withdrawal, the mobile carriers started streaming […]

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Nearly there…

In the last two months, I’ve quit my job, we’ve sold our house, we’ve packed out of our house, we’ve visited both sets of grandparents, not to mention vaccinations, new passports, new visas, and all of the sad farewells. I’ve spent the last two weeks with my parents in western Michigan, laying low, relaxing, engaging […]

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