Amballo Food (aka Burger Truck)

A couple blocks from our house, there is a food truck called Amballo Food. It opens for dinner only. The truck isn’t actually mobile; it’s always in the same place. There are tables, chairs, and a tent for casual dining. The burgers are delicious. They also serve fries, pizza, and ice cold beer. The burgers […]

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City Snack

Ben and I were able to meet for lunch today, which doesn’t happen very often! It rained a lot yesterday, but today was lovely. It was much cooler, about 80 degrees, low humidity, light breeze, sunny, with big puffy clouds. We tried to go to a noodle place that Ben went to without me awhile […]

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Pain du Sucre

I was recently asked what the best thing about Brazzaville is, like what is a good “selling point” for people considering moving here. I had to actually think for a minute. Living here isn’t easy; the rainy season is destroying the already crappy roads, food is expensive, it can be hot, there are scary bugs […]

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Our neighborhood

We live on a relatively quiet street, just one street over from a major street, and about a block and a half from the big hospital, called CHU (which was closed last week, not a good sign).  Within walking distance there is a pizzeria, pharmacy, dry cleaners, the Chinese embassy, a Total gas station, the […]

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Rainy season

I love weather. I’m a weather nerd. I spend way too much time on weather-related websites, tracking storms on the radar maps and reading about emerging weather patterns.  The hurricanes in the U.S., while awful and devastating, were fascinating to read about. (Check out what Jose Andres is doing in Puerto Rico, by the way. […]

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Brief return to U.S.

As mentioned in the previous post, we went to Connecticut for a wedding. It was a lovely 9 days in America. We ate delicious food, I ate raw fruits and vegetables as often as possible (without worrying about food poisoning), we saw family and friends, we watched live sports (most of what we get is […]

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Crossing the river

Sorry it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. We went to Connecticut for a wedding, and were gone for a couple of weeks. It was a nice trip! But quite a journey. Flights out of Brazzaville are incredibly expensive. In fact, flights around the entire continent are expensive. An Air France ticket from Brazzaville […]

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