France Roadtrip

For Lily’s February school break, we took 10 days off and flew to Paris. We rented a car from CDG and drove to Fontainebleau, Clermont-Ferrand, Orleans, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Monaco, and a little town in Italy just over the border (just for a pizza and gelato). It was lovely. The weather was gloriously cool (compared to […]

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Sakana Island

Friends invited us to join them on a weekend trip to Sakana Island. What?! A new thing to do in Brazzaville?! Sign us up. Our friends arranged everything for us, which was very nice. We showed up on a Sunday morning to the Mami Wata boat launch. We were told to bring bathing suits, sunscreen, […]

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We went to Dubai for Christmas! It was so much fun. Getting there wasn’t easy. My initial flight from Brazzaville to Addis was cancelled, so we had to wait for the next flight (24 hours later). We had a short layover in Addis and the plane was late, so we had to run through the […]

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For Sale in Brazzaville

I’m always curious to see what is for sale here in Brazzaville. There are so many different ways to sell goods here. There are the fancy grocery stores (a new store just opened and it even has its own Instagram page!), the open air markets, and street vendors. Every time I go to a store, […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. We had a lovely day. Lily had to go to school, since it’s not a holiday here or in France. Ben and I did some shopping and cooking/baking. We all went over to our neighbor’s house for a potluck dinner with most of the Americans who live in […]

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Swimming in Kintele

If you drive north out of Brazzaville on the N2, through Mpila, the first town you reach is Kintele. It’s about a 30 minute drive on a nice highway from downtown Brazzaville. Kintele is the site of the large soccer stadium and sports complex built for the 2015 All Africa Games. There is an aquatic […]

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Guest post by Ben In one of our recent blog updates, I posted a map of Africa showing the sheer size of this continent. Many people forget that there are more than 50 countries here with relatively arbitrary borders that were drawn up during the colonial period. On a recent trip to Kenya, I saw […]

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