Les rapides

As the title suggests, we checked out the rapids on the Congo River this weekend. The Congo River is at a 100-year low right now. The rainy season hasn’t started yet (I haven’t seen rain since early June, it’s a weird feeling!!!) so I imagine it’ll get higher again once it’s starts raining. The rapids […]

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Settling in

Shortly after moving in to our permanent house, we received work that our household effects (HHE) shipment had arrived in country, and would be delivered soon!  After the shipment cleared customs, a moving company came to the house (with a 45-minute head’s up) to drop off all of the boxes. It didn’t seem like we […]

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Parc Zoologique

We had a busy week. First, we moved to our new, permanent house. It’s a great house, and we were very excited to move (FINALLY!), but packing, moving, and then unpacking is exhausting.  The embassy’s annual independence day party was also this week (yes, a little belated).  It was enjoyable, and I met some very […]

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Poto-Poto: art school and fabrics

There was an embassy-organized outing to the Poto-Poto neighborhood this weekend. Poto-Poto is a diverse and densely populated neighborhood of Brazzaville.  There is a large market area for fabrics, or pagne, where you will find a myriad of different fabric patterns. You can buy the fabric and take it to a tailor with a photo […]

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Cathédrale Sacré-Cœur

We live near the Cathédrale Sacré-Cœur, or Sacred Heart Cathedral. We can walk there, and there are sidewalks the entire way, so we can take the stroller. This makes Lily happy. The Cathedral is also on the way to one of the playgrounds, so we walk through the Cathedral grounds almost daily. The cathedral was built […]

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Marche Total

Marche Total (marche is market in French) is the largest market in Brazzaville. I’m guessing it’s the largest market in Congo, too. It’s overwhelmingly large. The main market is a covered pavilion, with solid concrete stalls, and it is surrounded by many, many blocks of additional market stalls. It’s hard to describe how large it […]

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Grocery shopping

We are #blessed with a new, fancy grocery store called Casino. There is a second nice grocery store, called Park n Shop. They have similar items. I’m not sure which one I prefer. Let’s take a tour of Casino, shall we? The cheese area is special. They have all the cheese. Each of the photos […]

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