Well I went in April 2019, so I’m only like 9 months behind in posting…

I went to the Seychelles in April 2019, and it was beyond lovely. It was a short couple flights aways via Nairobi on Kenya Airways. We stayed on Mahe island, but we did a day-trip to La Digue, home to the “most beautiful beach in the world.” We ate a ton of delicious fish, and had some great fresh juices. We did some great hiking, including a hike to a deserted beach, and rented bikes on La Digue and biked all over. We visited the most beautiful beach, and some other equally beautiful beaches. We saw giant tortoises. We also did some snorkeling. It was super hot, but gorgeous. I got a little sunburned. We took a few boat/ferry rides. All of that, in just three nights!

The only down side to the trip was the way home. Our flight to Nairobi was delayed and so we missed our connection. In a normal world, that would just be inconvenient. In Central Africa, it meant a 48-hour layover in Nairobi at the airport hotel. It ended up being totally fine, and we went to a day spa and did some shopping, but it was unexpected and put us all in bad positions with our jobs and responsibilities! Sadly, the same thing happened with Kenya Airways a few weeks later, on our way home from Cape Town. I’m avoiding Kenya Airways now…the connection from Nairobi to Brazzaville is just too unpredictable. IMG_20190414_085456IMG_20190414_080113IMG_20190413_180936IMG_20190413_103307IMG_20190412_105348IMG_20190413_101743IMG_20190412_123844IMG_20190411_185520IMG-20191125-WA0008IMG-20191125-WA0007

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