Cape Town in the Autumn

We love Cape Town. We seriously considered buying property there, but decided against it as it’s really, really far away. So far away, their seasons are reversed. April is autumn. I ran the Two Oceans half marathon over Easter weekend, and Ben’s mom came and met us there. We stayed for almost two weeks and it so so fun. We did vineyards, a mini safari, the sights of Cape Point, penguins, Table Mountain and the V&A Waterfront. All the things. We also hired Flytographer to take photos of us in Kalk Bay.

It was still warm enough to go to the beach, and Ben and I took a surfing lesson at Muizenberg beach, the site of an occasional great white shark visit (although the great whites are missing from the area lately, possibly because a pod of orcas have moved in to the Bay, and possibly because of something related to climate change). Anyways, we had a great time. Go to Cape Town. It’s an amazing place. When on safari, it was a depressing to have to tell Lily that these majestic animals may not exist when she’s an adult. Her kids may never see them. I hope to take her on her first real safari in Kenya or Tanzania before we leave Congo.

Spot the hippos

Rhinos. Their horns are why they are poached. Why are humans so cruel?

Elephants are also poached for their tusks but are also victims of extreme habitat loss.

Lily was disappointed that I didn’t win the race.

Fog pouring off the cliffs near Cape Point

Table Mountain

Kite surfers near Muizenberg

One thought on “Cape Town in the Autumn

  1. Amazing pictures, you take such great ones. Loved the one at the end with Margie, it’s a great shot.
    You all look terrific. Haven’t seen Ben in such a long time.


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