Brazzaville Golf Club

We have a golf club here! It only took me two years to visit it, despite lugging my clubs all the way to Congo. It’s out of town about 25 minutes, on the WHO compound. If you aren’t aware, the World Health Organization (WHO) has a bunch of regional headquarters around the world. Brazzaville hosts this region’s headquarters.

It’s a small, nine-hole course, but it does have some par 5s and certainly plenty of tricky holes. There is even a little club house with cold beer and coffee.

The club has seen better days, like most buildings in Congo.

View from the clubhouse

Nice river views from the course.

All of the fairways have a bit of a slope to them.

My friend about to hit her ball. Neighborhood animals out for a graze on the fairway. Normal.

Well-deserved beer.

3 thoughts on “Brazzaville Golf Club

  1. I know Ron would be interested in playing golf at this course. Right now he’s playing on our course here in town. Will be sure to show him these pictures with the animals, he’ll get a kick out of it.


  2. We will be working at the American School of Brazzaville beginning in July 2020 and are looking for individuals who like a variety of social activities: golf, hiking, culinary. Any information or direction you can give us would be appreciated……Christine Ahrens & Richard Arguello


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