Mami Wata Beach

I had to wait two years for this. The first summer we were here, we never got around to going to the Mami Wata Beach, which is a little sand bar island pop-up that the restaurant, Mami Wata, creates when the river level is low in the dry season. As soon as it started raining, the sand bar disappears under the water and the pop-up island bar closes. Last summer, the river was pretty high so they never opened the island bar. This summer, know the rains are starting soon, we raced out to the beach as soon as we could!

Honestly, it wasn’t very thrilling. Despite advertising food, the “kitchen” didn’t open until 3pm (we arrived at noon) so we had to order pizzas from the real Mami Wata across the river, and wait for them to be delivered by pirogue. The drinks were cold but they only had water, soda water, fanta, and beer.

For entertainment, there was a small trampoline for kids. There was also a promotional music video being filmed for a new product–boxed wine. Ben, Lily and some of our friends joined in on the music video filming. That was very entertaining.

It is pretty cool to hang out on an island between Brazzaville and Kinshasa, I guess. A few days after we went, the rains started and the island closed! We won’t be here next summer so it was our last opportunity to visit. I’m glad we did it. Last weekend, while eating at the land-based Mami Wata restaurant, we got to watch the workers transporting the island gear back to the mainland on pirogues, including the generator.

Welcome sign!

I love these signs

The dock to get on the pirogue to get to the island

On the island

Dancing in the promotional music video for boxed wine

Our crew in the shade

Generator being moved from the island (in the background) to the mainland by pirogue. The tall buildings in the back is Kinshasa.

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