Sakana Island

Friends invited us to join them on a weekend trip to Sakana Island. What?! A new thing to do in Brazzaville?! Sign us up. Our friends arranged everything for us, which was very nice. We showed up on a Sunday morning to the Mami Wata boat launch. We were told to bring bathing suits, sunscreen, and bug spray. A little speedboat appeared, and we were each given a life jacket. We boarded the boat–8 parents and 7 kids–and jetted upriver about 15 minutes to Sakana Island!

It’s a large river island. A very wealthy individual decided to build a resort on the island and opened it up to day visitors. Upon arrival, we were given wristbands and a welcome drink of bissap (cold hibiscus tea, very popular here). We were led to the enormous pool area, where we frolicked in the cool water for a couple hours. We ordered food and drinks. Lunch was served in the neighboring restaurant.

A big thunderstorm blew in at lunchtime, which caused some havoc. All the pool furniture was swept in to the pool, branches came down from trees, some glasses were blown off tables and shattered (and of course someone stepped on glass and got a nasty cut). After the worst of the storm passed and we had finished our (very) mediocre lunch, we took to the kids to the playground. The playground is enormous and mostly covered, making it a solid destination even in the rain. The kids played for another hour or so, and then we took a very wet boat ride back to Mami Wata.

All things considered, it was a fun day, and I can see us going back. It was maybe $30 for the three of us, which is pricey but not abnormal for Brazzaville.

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