France Roadtrip

For Lily’s February school break, we took 10 days off and flew to Paris. We rented a car from CDG and drove to Fontainebleau, Clermont-Ferrand, Orleans, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Monaco, and a little town in Italy just over the border (just for a pizza and gelato). It was lovely. The weather was gloriously cool (compared to Brazza). The food was fresh and delicious. The company was ok too!

The highlight for me was Nice. We were there for Carnaval, so we were able to see a parade (the Battle of Flowers, they called it), and celebrate with the town. We also went to the Marc Chagall museum, which was very impressive. And we ate and drank so well…

They throw/toss/hand you flowers during the parade. 90% of the flowers in the parade are grown locally!
We got so many flowers!!!
This was taken from the top of the ferris wheel, these are a bunch of parade floats
The parade was so fun
Lily brought her new camera and took some amazing photos!
A group of parade performers sprayed the crowd with streamers
Lily turned 5! I made her a cake
Lily and Ben emerging victorious from a Fontainebleau bakery with amazing baked goods.
Beautiful cathedral!
Our afternoon trip to Italy for pizza and wine
Fontainebleau castle, very impressive
The Fontainebleau library
Marc Chagall museum stained glass windows

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