For Sale in Brazzaville

I’m always curious to see what is for sale here in Brazzaville. There are so many different ways to sell goods here. There are the fancy grocery stores (a new store just opened and it even has its own Instagram page!), the open air markets, and street vendors. Every time I go to a store, even if I’ve been many times before, I look carefully for new or interesting products. The open air markets are fun to visit but for I have our nanny/housekeeper do all of my fruit and vegetable shopping because she gets much better prices than me.

The street vendors are fascinating. Whenever there is a traffic jam, which isn’t very often, they appear out of nowhere with random things to sell to drivers passing by. I’ve seen doorbells, manicure sets, briefcases, something that looked like a slimming belt called “slim fast”, and all kinds of cords and earphones. I’ve also seen live bats for sale, many times. Once a week or so, I’ll drive past someone trying to sell a puppy or two. It’s so hard to keep driving! They are so small and helpless. Yesterday I saw a two cages filled with the most beautiful parrots. I took a bad photo, it doesn’t do them justice. They were beautiful! Do people eat them? Probably…

Down by the river, people sell fish. In Pointe Noire, people sell ocean fish all over town. There are entire fish markets, but there are also just dudes holding up a few fish on the side of the road, looking to make a sale.

I’m training for a half marathon, and my long runs take me farther down the corniche than I usually go. I see so many goats on the side of the road! But they are not for sale. And if you hit one with your car, even if it’s the goat’s fault, you’ll have to pay for it. There is a section of Marche Total for “farm” animals like rabbits and chickens and other small animals. I’ve tried to convince Ben that we should keep chickens, but he has refused.

That’s it from me on side-of-road sales. Both Ben and I have been traveling quite a bit for work since Christmas, with more travel coming up. For Lily’s next school break, we are meeting Ben’s brother and his girlfriend in France! Lily will turn 5 while we are there. I’ll be sure to post photos of our trip.

One thought on “For Sale in Brazzaville

  1. Such lovely adventures you and your family have!!! It is crazy that Lily is almost 5 years old!! Have a great trip to France and enjoy the tasty food and drink. Thank you always for sharing and educating us.


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