We went to Dubai for Christmas! It was so much fun. Getting there wasn’t easy. My initial flight from Brazzaville to Addis was cancelled, so we had to wait for the next flight (24 hours later). We had a short layover in Addis and the plane was late, so we had to run through the airport. Upon boarding, there were people in our seats and other people in a shouting match with the flight attendants. But, we made it!

We stayed at the Fairmont-the Palm, which was on the beach and very nice. Lily spent most of her days at the kids club with her cousins or on the beach or at the pool. We went on a desert safari on Christmas Eve, and the dads took all the girls skiing at Ski Dubai one day. We saw friends for dinner one night, which was super fun, and did a little family photo shoot in Old Dubai. My dad went golfing, we all went shopping (the do malls really well there), and I ate way too much food.

Meeting to Dubai was a brilliant idea because it was just about in the middle between my sister and my dad and me. The weather was also great for all of us–warmer for my dad, coming from Michigan, and so cool for the rest of us coming from the Tropics. It’s a beautiful city, insanely modern, and almost futuristic- looking. They are preparing right now for the Expo 2020, so there were massive construction projects everywhere. It was a very easy holiday, there are Ubers and taxis everywhere, it’s very safe and clean, there are a million things to do, and so many restaurants to choose from.

In conclusion, Dubai was fun, I recommend it, particularly if you’re in looking for an easy, crowd-pleasing destination. I hope you also had a good holiday! Most of these photos were taken by my sister, Tracy.

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