Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. We had a lovely day. Lily had to go to school, since it’s not a holiday here or in France. Ben and I did some shopping and cooking/baking. We all went over to our neighbor’s house for a potluck dinner with most of the Americans who live in Brazzaville. Our neighbor, with the help of the embassy’s travel expediters here and in Kinshasa, was able to procure four turkeys from across the river. The travel guys exchanged cash from the port, and our guy in Kinshasa bought the turkeys and brought them back to the boat, and they were ferried over to Brazzaville. They were delicious! We also had a lot of clever cooks who brought ingredients from the US for traditional dishes involving pumpkins, marshmallows, and squash. I made a pecan pie for the first time ever, with crust from scratch! It turned out ok. I brought the pecans from the US, as well as the maple syrup, brown sugar, and shortening. Thanksgiving dishes can be very tricky to recreate overseas because so many of the ingredients are native to the Americas. The party was fun. We were able to watch the parade and the first football game (the Lions continued their tradition of losing, thanks guys) before it was time for bed.

Not much else to report from us this week. Last week we celebrated the Marine Corps birthday with a reception at the Ambassador’s house. Ben was the emcee, it was really fun and he did a great job. We are very thankful for the Marines who are posted here! They are all great guys. They came to our potluck yesterday, so they got at least a bit of Thanksgiving tradition this year.

Upcoming travel: I leave for Thailand on Tuesday (I’ll post about that after the trip!) and we are all going to Dubai for Christmas. Can’t wait!! Hannukah starts really soon and Lily is already counting down the days. She loves telling her friends that Hannukah means she gets presents for 8 days AND she also gets Christmas presents. *Sigh*

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Well I think it was very brave of you to make a pecan pie. It’s one of the things I’ve never attempted, and it looks like it came out just great.


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