Zion National Park

I took a solo vacation in August to Utah (by way of LA and Las Vegas to see friends!). I hiked in Zion and stayed at the Red Mountain Resort. I had a great time! As much as I love usual two hiking buddies, it was really nice to get away, and relax, and just be by myself for a bit.  I have some friends who swear solo travel is a must-do for everyone, and I can see the attraction.

My usual hiking buddies, not invited on my solo vacation


I researched a TON of place to go, and settled on Utah. I’d never been, and Zion looked great. I also like the guided hikes provided by the resort, and the all-inclusive nature allowed me to turn my brain off and never worry about food. I don’t much to say about Zion…it was possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, with the exception of maybe the Cape Town area.  It was also incredibly hot. They had some nasty flash floods this year, which meant the trail I was supposed to hike, Angel’s Landing, was closed, among other popular trails. I hiked the Narrows (in the water! Very cool) and hiked about seven other shorter trails another day.

Snow Canyon State Park
The Narrows hike! In water almost the entire time. I had special water boots and neoprene socks.
August 06, 2018 at 06_00PM


The details in the rocks were really striking

I also randomly went to the Hoover Dam on the way back to Vegas. It was big, and full of tourists, and ungodly hot. But still a marvel to see in person. In Vegas, I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental, which was probably the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I was treated like royalty!


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