Brazza Burger

Brazzaville welcomed a new restaurant in April: Brazza Burger! It’s the primary topic of conversation among expats. It’s an affordable, clean, uniquely decorated burger joint with good burgers, great fries, milkshakes, chicken fingers, sodas, and ever beer. The best part: every order is delivered to your table within 10 minutes, something previously inconceivable for Brazzaville!

Sandwiches come with four sauces


The decor is a mix of 1950s gas station and Banksy themes

They are open everyday from 11am, are well-staffed with very helpful employees, and many of them speak English! I’m always happy to practice my French but it’s refreshing when someone replies in English, knowing I’m struggling with how to say “my kid spilled ketchup all over the floor.”

It’s a great addition to the restaurant scene, and I hope it does great business. So far, it’s been busy every time I’ve visited.


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