Exploring Brazzaville, continued

We have experienced some fantastic lightning storms in the past week or so. Still not a ton of rain–nothing like the fall rainy season–but some very impressive lightning. It seems as though a giant storm either hits us or nearly misses us every day. The near misses are nice: the temperature falls, the breezes pick up, and we can just enjoy the thunder.

View from my porch

Near the tennis club, there is a “fake” forest across many acres of land. The forest was planted many years ago, probably for timber? I hope they leave the trees alone, but I’m not a tree expert, so perhaps the trees will need to go at some point. Anyways, the forest is quite nice. There are trails zig-zagging across the area, and a few quiet places where locals will sit and read, or nap, or just rest. I went for a long walk through the forest with some friends last week, and it was very nice. I wish we had the ability to go hiking here–I think this is the closest I’ll get to hiking in Congo.

Tall trees, in rows


I’ve been making more of an effort to visit the MTN movie house, the only theater in town. It’s not really a theater. In the Hôtel de la Prefecture, there is a small auditorium, which is used by a theater company to show newly released movies. Most of the American movies are dubbed in French, with maybe one or two special English showings per week.  My friend and I saw Ready Player One last weekend. This weekend, the English showing is Red Sparrow. Not sure I’ll make it to that one. It’s nice to have a place to see movies! They even sell sodas and popcorn.

Lastly, we have a resident lizard at our house that is missing part of his tail. I’ve named him Franklin, in honor of our dear French bulldog who now lives in CT with Ben’s parents. They look a bit alike.


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