Judith’s Art Studio

I joined a group of expats here in Brazzaville, and they organized a trip for the group to see an art studio run by the artist Judith, as well as a visit of a river-side picnic site called Cataractes.

Judith’s art studio is located near the Djoue bridge, which goes over the Djoue river, which feeds into the Congo river. Outside the studio, there are several sculptures made entirely of recycled materials. They are very beautiful and very cool.

Cans, bottles, bottle caps


Two artists telling us about the studio and the artists’ cooperative
An artist painting a sculpture
The US Embassy contributed to this studio

The picnic site is past the bridge. You turn off the main road, just past the bridge, where there is a big sign for a car wash. The car wash, I kid you not, was *in* the river. We drove by, and saw several cars and a truck parked on the edge of the river, partially submerged, and saw workers using the river water to wash the vehicles. The picnic site itself is beautiful, with beautiful trees and shady spots, a large beach area, and calm waters. Just over some rocks are the giant rapids, which add a nice ambiance to the site. Lately, an injured hippo has been hanging around the area. We did not see it that day, unfortunately.

The green hilly area across the way is DRC. Super close! You could swim over, if it weren’t for the 15-foot-high rapids crashing down on the rocks.  You can see two people standing out on the rocks in front of the rapids, for size comparison purposes. 



On the way home, we saw chickens, ducks, rabbits, and bats for sale in cages on the side of the road. I really want to buy some chickens to have on our property, for eggs, but Ben vetoed the idea. 😦  Anyways, yes, lots of bats for sale. People eat bats here. Yes, I believe that’s how scary diseases are spread. :/

Ducks on the right

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