Brazzaville -> Casablanca

When I was invited to go on a girls’ trip to Morocco with some other expats living in Brazzaville, I accepted immediately! There is a direct flight (with a quick stop in Pointe Noire) to Casablanca on Royal Air Maroc. I ended up going for a full week, thank you Ben and Lily for your support and encouragement to leave! I hadn’t left Lily that long before, and I really, really needed a little vacation.

Casablanca is lovely. I had heard mediocre things about the city. I think tourists go expecting to be exotic or just like the movie (it’s Ben’s favorite movie, I’ve seen it 47 times). Casablanca is a big city with a big port. It’s a nice big city! It reminded me a bit of a large European city with some middle eastern flair. They have a nice tram that runs through town, nice restaurants, nice hotels. We had lunch at a beautiful restaurant, tucked away off a busy street with a lovely garden and stunning mosaic walls inside. The food was also great. I think I ate about 500 olives over the course of the week.

We also walked down to the old part of the city and checked out the craft market. From there, we trekked over to Rick’s. It’s not from the movie, but was designed to be like the movie (sometime after the movie came out). Rick’s was too busy for us (Ben said, “that sounds like Rick’s!”) so we went down the street to a garden restaurant serving traditional Moroccan food. It was just as lovely as the lunch spot–we definitely ate very well on our trip.

The next morning, we headed to Marrakech!  Casa restaurant 2casa restaurant

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