Tennis Club Brazzaville

We joined the tennis club a couple months ago. It’s very French: clay courts, no other American members, everyone speaks French, etc etc. We love it! They have a beautiful pool and baby pool. There is an enormous playground, probably the nicest and biggest one in Brazzaville (with the exception of Fantasia, I suppose).

E5923F60-FA48-43F7-84CB-7530E824230B99DBFDCC-2C90-408E-9254-96518E99EC39A48A6EE7-F3BC-4EDF-AD75-39180663B01FThey have squash and badminton courts, and about 8 or 9 tennis courts. They have tennis lessons for adults and kids. They have soccer for kids, swimming lessons for kids, and regular events (this weekend is “Indian cuisine soirée”) like tournaments and parties.

The restaurant is lovely, and they serve ice cold beer. I’ve been taking tennis lessons, and I’m really enjoying them. I’ve played tennis for fun for ages (I miss you, Mark!! 😘) so it’s nice now to learn the technical skills like serving and volleys. It’s also a great workout in the Brazzaville heat.

The club is nestled in a forest not far from the embassy. The only downside, really, are the fourus. The fourus are the tiny blood sucking black bugs that are impervious to bug spray. The only thing that works for me is aquaphor; the aquaphor makes it impossible for them to bite my skin.

Fourus aside, I’m so happy we joined the club. It’s one more thing to do here, is very family friendly, and we are meeting some wonderful new friends through the club!

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