Brief return to U.S.

As mentioned in the previous post, we went to Connecticut for a wedding. It was a lovely 9 days in America. We ate delicious food, I ate raw fruits and vegetables as often as possible (without worrying about food poisoning), we saw family and friends, we watched live sports (most of what we get is delayed, if we see it at all). We’ll go back for our first R&R trip in December. That will be slightly more relaxing, as it’ll be 4 full weeks instead of 9 days.

While in Connecticut, we saw our beloved dog, Franklin. He can’t make the trip to Brazzaville, so he’s living with Ben’s parents. It was great to see him.


Their small town had a dog show one day. It was a fundraiser for the local historical society. I am proud to announce that Franklin won Best Ears in the contest. It was a fun morning.

We also celebrated Rosh Hashanah with friends and family while we were home.

We also went to the beach in Rhode Island, had a lunch in Brattleboro, VT, and had a dinner in Stonington, CT.

RI beach ben lily jonah 2

ben beach profile

beachlily beach

ben and lilysunset 2

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