Sundays on the corniche

From the Lonely Planet website, Brazzaville’s corniche: “This wonderful modernised embankment is a great place for a stroll, and affords fantastic views over the Congo River to Kinshasa, looming in the distance. La Corniche ends at the massive Pont du 15 août 1960, a brand-new, Chinese-built, cable-stayed bridge connecting central Brazzaville to the presidential palace. The bridge is lit up at night and looks spectacular.”

cloudy kinshasa river

On Sundays, the road along the corniche closes to vehicular traffic, and locals use the empty roadway for strolling and exercising. We try to go down there every Sunday. There is usually a nice breeze, meaning few bugs and lower temperatures.  There are always dozens of people jogging, biking, walking, sitting, doing yoga, gymnastics, etc.  There are also vendors selling drinks, snacks, ice cream, and balloons. Those balloon sellers are always on the lookout for Lily. They know….they know….


The corniche on the east ends at Mami Wata, where the “famous” Mami Wata beach is located, and ends on the other side at the fancy new bridge that lights up at night. Along the way, there are many places to sit, and take in the beautiful views of the river. I haven’t seen any wildlife but birds, of which there are many. I’ve heard there are hippos not too far to the east. I’ve heard there no crocodiles in the vicinity, but that’s probably just what the crocodiles want you to think. Clever crocs. Today, in particular, the sky was cloudy but very clear, and we had great views of Kinshasa, a massive city of at least 10 million people (maybe 12 million). We are (hopefully) going over to Kinshasa in a week or two, to see the bonobos! Stay tuned!

corniche ben and lilyben carrying bike

Today I noticed a cool river-side garden, accompanied by some algae and a bunch of trash. If anyone has some start-up funds, I have a great business idea: plastic recycling. It’s desperately needed.

river farm

algae trash

Actual colors, no filters added.


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