Les rapides

As the title suggests, we checked out the rapids on the Congo River this weekend. The Congo River is at a 100-year low right now. The rainy season hasn’t started yet (I haven’t seen rain since early June, it’s a weird feeling!!!) so I imagine it’ll get higher again once it’s starts raining. The rapids are just on the south/east side of the city, and the river becomes impassable for boats larger than canoes or rafts. Goods shipped down the Congo river to Brazzaville or Kinshasa have to be transferred over land to continue east to the coast.

In any case, there is a sign off the avenue Djoue on the way to the Djoue bridge that says “site touriste Les rapides”, and the dirt road leads to a little parking area that overlooks the rapids. There is a restaurant/bar there, too. It’s a nice place to have a drink!

I took a video of the rapids, if you’re interested, it’s here:  https://vimeo.com/229477049

And here are some photos I took:

rapidsrapids and peoplefisherman rapids

3 thoughts on “Les rapides

    1. We got a surprise two nights ago. It rained all night long! Everyone is commenting that it’s not normal and arrived so early because of climate change. The weather changed again last night, a cold front blew through and it feels like winter again.


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