Marche Total

Marche Total (marche is market in French) is the largest market in Brazzaville. I’m guessing it’s the largest market in Congo, too. It’s overwhelmingly large. The main market is a covered pavilion, with solid concrete stalls, and it is surrounded by many, many blocks of additional market stalls. It’s hard to describe how large it is. The word labyrinth comes to mind. You can buy pretty much anything at Marche Total. Some highlights: beautiful fruits and vegetables, freshly butchered cows, freshly butchered chickens, salted fish, dried worms, live catfish-looking creatures, freshly butchered river eels, beans, flour, household goods, nail polish, hardware items, fabrics, electronics, cleaning supplies, etc. I was about to snag a photo of a head of cow, but the owner of said cow head told me I had to pay him for the photo. Next time! Fruits and vegetables (and probably everything else) are a fraction of the price than they are at the big supermarkets. Green peppers at Casino: $2. Green peppers at Marche Total: three for $1.

marche 6marche 2IMG_4168marche 3marche 5marche 4marche 1

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