Cathédrale Sacré-Cœur

We live near the Cathédrale Sacré-Cœur, or Sacred Heart Cathedral. We can walk there, and there are sidewalks the entire way, so we can take the stroller. This makes Lily happy. The Cathedral is also on the way to one of the playgrounds, so we walk through the Cathedral grounds almost daily.

lily cathedral

The cathedral was built in 1892. It’s the oldest cathedral in central Africa. The property consists of one large church, a large courtyard, and many additional buildings. It’s a quiet, leafy refuge from the city. The courtyard has some grass and very big trees, which give the entire property a nice shade.

cathedral 5

The church has some beautiful stained glass windows. I haven’t been able to go inside to take photos–every time I try, there are people praying or choirs rehearsing, and I feel bad even asking to take photos, so I don’t. It’s a very popular church on the weekends; easily many hundreds of people attend services there.

cathedral 1

One of the buildings on the property. It looks like it was built around the same time as the church itself (1892-ish).  (above) Another building, much more modern, probably built around 1970-1980. (below)

cathedral 2cathedral 6

Is that Joan of Arc? (above)  

cathedral 3

cathedral 4

These two photos don’t do the space justice. The leaves and trash on the ground make it look dingy. It’s quite beautiful in spite of the trash on the ground. Once my French language ability improves, I want to organize a clean-up day with the church administration. It could be so much more beautiful than it is!

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