Lily is a big fan of playgrounds. She doesn’t like the swings much, but she loves slides. We haven’t yet found a public playground here, and I doubt we will. There are, however, several private playgrounds here. There is a playground at her school, one at a US Embassy-owned property, one at the Brazzaville Tennis Club (more on that later), and one enormous amazing place called Fantaysa. Fantaysa costs about $10 per child, which is insanely expensive for Congo. It’s Lily’s favorite place so far.

FullSizeRenderThere is a giant ball pit, several playscapes, an enormous sand box, a basketball hoop, a restaurant, two bouncy castles, swings, and a video game room. You can also host birthday parties there. It’s never crowded. The bugs are minimal. It’s pretty great.

It’s really nice to have an option like this, especially for the next two months before school starts.


3 thoughts on “Playgrounds

  1. What an amazing journey you are documenting and I appreciate experiencing this new land through your eyes. Lily is so beautiful and growing so fast. Hug hubby for me.


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