Nearly there…

In the last two months, I’ve quit my job, we’ve sold our house, we’ve packed out of our house, we’ve visited both sets of grandparents, not to mention vaccinations, new passports, new visas, and all of the sad farewells.

I’ve spent the last two weeks with my parents in western Michigan, laying low, relaxing, engaging in some very mediocre parenting (so. much. ipad. time), and spending a lot of on-line shopping.

Of particular note was my dad’s 69th birthday. I took him and my mom and Lily out to a nice dinner (the kid was a disaster, but the food was great!) and we made him cupcakes (Lily’s idea).

Dad birthday

Every day, my dad takes the dogs out to the Saugatuck Dunes State Park for a long walk. I’ve been able to join a few times, and Lily and my mom came out for a walk, too. It’s beautiful out there!

Lily dad parkLily parkLily park 2It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks. After Memorial Day, we head back to DC for a few days, for a few more goodbyes (and some more training for Ben), and then we are OFF to the CONGO for a three year tour!

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