Well I went in April 2019, so I’m only like 9 months behind in posting… I went to the Seychelles in April 2019, and it was beyond lovely. It was a short couple flights aways via Nairobi on Kenya Airways. We stayed on Mahe island, but we did a day-trip to La Digue, home to […]

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Brazzaville Golf Club

We have a golf club here! It only took me two years to visit it, despite lugging my clubs all the way to Congo. It’s out of town about 25 minutes, on the WHO compound. If you aren’t aware, the World Health Organization (WHO) has a bunch of regional headquarters around the world. Brazzaville hosts […]

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Cape Town in the Autumn

We love Cape Town. We seriously considered buying property there, but decided against it as it’s really, really far away. So far away, their seasons are reversed. April is autumn. I ran the Two Oceans half marathon over Easter weekend, and Ben’s mom came and met us there. We stayed for almost two weeks and […]

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Street Scenes from Brazzaville

Not much news to report from Brazzaville these days! No new restaurants (that I’ve visited), no new shops, not much happening. So I’ve compiled some of my favorite street scene photos to share in this post. Enjoy! I don’t know what this was exactly (some kind of canopy/stand), but it wasn’t attached to the truck […]

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Mami Wata Beach

I had to wait two years for this. The first summer we were here, we never got around to going to the Mami Wata Beach, which is a little sand bar island pop-up that the restaurant, Mami Wata, creates when the river level is low in the dry season. As soon as it started raining, […]

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France Roadtrip

For Lily’s February school break, we took 10 days off and flew to Paris. We rented a car from CDG and drove to Fontainebleau, Clermont-Ferrand, Orleans, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Monaco, and a little town in Italy just over the border (just for a pizza and gelato). It was lovely. The weather was gloriously cool (compared to […]

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Sakana Island

Friends invited us to join them on a weekend trip to Sakana Island. What?! A new thing to do in Brazzaville?! Sign us up. Our friends arranged everything for us, which was very nice. We showed up on a Sunday morning to the Mami Wata boat launch. We were told to bring bathing suits, sunscreen, […]

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We went to Dubai for Christmas! It was so much fun. Getting there wasn’t easy. My initial flight from Brazzaville to Addis was cancelled, so we had to wait for the next flight (24 hours later). We had a short layover in Addis and the plane was late, so we had to run through the […]

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